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18 new things to do while I’m still 18.

1) Go on a roadtrip. A proper one.

2) Get closer with my sister before I (hopefully) go to uni.

3) Kiss a stranger… or anyone.

4) Go clubbing. (I guess I have to at least once).

5) Be confident with the way I look.

6) Start running.

7) Move out, (go to uni.)

8) Meet new people.

9) Start writing that book.

10) Read - just for fun again.

11) Watch Ted - because it looks hilarious.

12) Embrace the mess that is my hair.

13) Try and let myself fall in love.

14) Start planning my travels around the world.

15) Accept the fact I can’t dance and just have fun with it.

16) Rollerskate. Go to a roller-rink!

17) Stay up all night for a good reason.

18) Lay out under the stars with people I care about.

This was way harder than I anticipated…

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