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Dreadlocks people!

Hello lovelies:) wondering if you could give me some advice really. I really want dreads; not for any spiritual or cultural reason - just because I have really long curly hair and it’s such a hassle to maintain, not to mention the cost of the products to keep the frizz away! I met a woman with dreads, and not only was she beautiful, but she told me how she only had to wash them every couple of weeks and how much she loved them.

Basically I’ve got 5 main questions;
1) Should I do it myself? (and how?)
2) Will it affect my scalp at all? I have superrrrr sensitive skin.
3) Racism. I don’t want anyone to see me as racist for a hairstyle. At all, because I’d hate that. Has anyone ever encountered this through having dreads?
4) Has anyone actually had hair fall out because of this?
5) Can you actually take them out without shaving your head?(and how damaged would your hair be??)

Thanks guys!!! xx

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    1. I always recommend DIY dreads, definitely :) You get a lot more control over them. Salons vary a lot but many of them...
  2. apocalypsedoll said: Nope, you don’t have to shave your head, just use a lot of conditioner and patience when you’re combing them out. Go for it. :D
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  4. mossplanet said: yes, do it yourself, backcomb sections then (optional) crochet them with a very small crochet hook to tighten them. it might be a bit itchy and pull on your scalp for up to about a month but should be fine. i’ve never been called racist, everyone loves them actually, it’s…
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